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Coming Lord
Coming Lord!, by Nancy Cupp, is an acrylic ink painting of a green angel who is being given his next assignment.

Coming Lord!

Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of His word. Psalm 103:20

Coming Lord!

Nancy Cupp

30" x 22"

Acrylic ink on watercolor paper

© Nancy Cupp.  All rights reserved.


I was experimenting with acrylic inks. I used a process where you drop acrylic ink onto the watercolor paper and spray it with water.  Then you lay something on top of the wet ink. It could be anything you want, to leave an impression in the ink. I used saran wrap and wrinkled it up in various places.  When it dried, I took off the saran wrap to see what it looked like.  Then you can embellish it with other paints, or whatever you want. When I took off the wrapping, I wasn't sure how to finish it.  It wasn't really "speaking to me", so I put it aside for over a year.  One day, I got it back out and turned it various ways.  Horizontally it looked like a landscape, with reflections in the water. Vertically, I saw an angel, with it's back to me, as if God was calling the angel to give him his next assignment and the angel was answering back..."Coming Lord!" I added some gold metal acrylic liner to accentuate the wings and body, so you could better see what I was seeing.

I had a vision years ago that goes along with the theme of this painting. I had just finished washing the dishes and was wanting to watch TV, but the Lord kept urging me to find a quiet place and pray instead.  I didn't want to pray.  I wanted to watch TV, but, after He kept urging me,  I went into the only room in our small house where there was no activity going on.  I prayed in tongues, because I had no clue what to pray otherwise.  I wasn't concerned about anything. In the middle of praying, I asked Father what was the urgency and what was I praying about? He showed me in a vision.  In the vision I saw armies of angels standing in four square formations.  They were all facing the middle.  In the middle was an angel giving out scrolls to individual angels, which had their assignment written on it.  The assigning angel called out the individual names of angels. The angels would take their scroll as they were called and fly off to carry out their orders.  The assignment scrolls were the prayers of people.  When we pray according to God's will and use scriptures in our prayers, angels have to honor God's word and obey God's word. Never think your prayers are not being heard, especially if you are praying according to His Word (the Bible scriptures). Don't keep your angel bored.  Give the angels something to do.  When I went to church the following Sunday, another person got up and testified with the  same dream.  Although I didn't say anything to anyone,  God verified that my vision was true.

Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of His word.  Psalm 103:20 

Coming Lord

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