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Wall prints from Nancy's Stash 

Everything on this page comes from my local art studio or "personal stash" and personally handled and shipped by me.  They are printed by an awesome local printer. Shipping is free to the USA only. If you need international shipping, contact me first or use my Redbubble store, which has international shipping available.

Wall prints from my own local studio come in two sizes,  Regular and large. I usually include an extra paper that has the story of the painting.  They are NOT matted or framed.  This keeps your cost down and also gives you the freedom to choose your own mat and frame according to your personal tastes.  



I highly recommend getting an acid free mat for these reasons.


#1   The mat makes the artwork really stand out and look awesome and professional. 

#2   The mat creates an air space between the glass and print, so it can breathe and not stick to the glass.

#3   You can mat them yourself, using precut mats, or have a frame shop or art store like Hobby Lobby mat and frame them for you.

#4   Acid free mats do not fade as fast, or leave residue on the margin of the artwork


Regular Price

$45.00 - Regular prints are printed onto 8.5 x 11 inch archival paper.  The actual picture size varies.

$55.00 - Large prints are printed onto 13 x 19 inch archival paper.  The actual print size varies.

Free Shipping to the USA only

Sales tax is extra

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