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One drawing lesson with me

Many people think you have to have "the gift" or talent, in order to be an artist. You don't know how many times I have heard people say they can't even draw stick figures. HOGWASH!

Just as a child doesn't write a book without learning to read and write first, neither does a person become a great artist without learning the fundamental skills first. The first written languages started with drawings. The drawing turned into symbols, the symbols turned into letters, the letters formed words, and words formed sentences. Even children who have trouble reading or writing, can understand pictures. Pictures are understood in all cultures and languages.

I believe anyone can learn to draw, if they really want to and are willing to discipline themselves, swallow their pride, and learn from a good teacher, or just start drawing. There is no excuse anymore, with all the books, instruction videos, lessons on line, YouTube videos, etc.

I was going through some old papers a few days ago and found a drawing left by a lady who came to my house for a lesson. She left her drawing here because she wasn't finished. I held on to it for a few years thinking I might see her again but she never came back for the second lesson to finish it. Before I taught her anything, I asked her to draw an eye to see what she could do. Then I gave her a lesson, and you can see the difference. She was in her sixties, I think, and never had a lesson before. She was pretty quiet so I don't know what was in her thoughts. She has great potential. I hope she is doing well and wish her the best.

Most drawings have great potential, even the stick drawings. The person just needs to finish them, learn from them, and keep drawing. There is no such thing as an accident, or mistake, (unless you accidentally spit on them, like I did, when I was trying to blow off little eraser crumbs off the paper. My saliva, from blowing on the paper, left a stain.) Grrr. I learned from that. Now I use a clean dry brush or drafting brush to brush off anything on the drawing. Lesson learned. Our accidents and mistakes make for learning experiences. The point is, draw a lot and don't give up!

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