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More about the Biblical harps

Biblical Psalmists

were musicians that played skillfully on their instrument and often wrote songs as well. Many of the musicians were also prophets. Samuel started a school for prophets, which was open to both men and women. Part of their schooling was to become skillful on a musical instrument. Music was used to set the mood or atmosphere and invite the Holy Spirit to come. Once they sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit, they would begin to prophecy on their instruments.  


My harp has 22 strings, each corresponding to one of the 22 letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet. That means that words can be spelled with the harp strings. I play my harp improvisationally allowing the melody to develop spontaneously and trust that the Holy Spirit will guide the song. 


That's how my healing album was produced, recording the music as it was being created. None of the music was written down. The only script I had was the words from the Bible. 


God's word is so powerful that it can create life and heal the sick. God's written word is the Bible so when He speaks, listen Because...

"He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions." Psalm 107:20

My harp is very unique and special to me.  I never played or touched a harp until I got my own.  It was hand made by Harrari Harps in Jerusalem, Israel.  


Micah Harrari is thought to be the first Jewish harp maker in Israel since Bible times. He was an American who moved to Israel and made a harp for his wife, who wanted one for her birthday.


One day a rabbi visited and asked Micah if he realized the significance of the harps he was making.  The rabbi said that there was an ancient prophecy that when the  harps were being made again in Israel, the Messiah would come.

Micah was inspired by a three thousand year old cave drawing of a harp in Megiddo. My harp has twenty-two strings, which correspond with the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet. Words can be spelled with the strings. The vibrations of the strings are very healing and studies have been done showing that harp music can recalibrate and heal unhealthy cells. It is no wonder that they called for a harpist to heal King Saul.

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