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Healing Words From His Holy Word

by Nancy Cupp

© Nancy Cupp.  All rights reserved.


  • 1 hour and 16 minutes total time
  • Compact Disc
  • One hour of healing scriptures with background harp music
  • Extra 16 minutes of instrumental harp music after the healing scriptures


Psalm 107:20 says that God sent His word to heal us and deliver us from our destructions. God's word is very powerful, but, you need to meditate on God's Word more than once.  It is spiritual food.  You don't eat one meal and think it will last a  lifetime.  If you never ate again, you would starve. Don't starve your spiritual side either. Feed your spirit with God's Word, and be healed! Meditate on God's healing scriptures to encourage, build faith, and get healed. Create an atmosphere of healing as you fill the room with the healing scriptures and harp music.


My harp was made by Harrari Harps in Jerusalem, Israel. The twenty-two string harp was designed after harps made during Bible times.  Each string corresponds with one of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet, thus words and prayers can actually be spelled with the harp strings. 


At the time of recording, I did not know Hebrew, or know if I was spelling anything or not on the strings.  I simply prayed and trusted the Holy Spirit to play through me and bless those who hear it.  The scriptures come directly from the King James Bible.  The harp music and melodies were played and sung improvisationally and recorded in one take. I pray that the scriptures build your faith, bless you, and heal you, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Jesus loves you!

Healing Words From His Holy Word

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