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Our Policies

Important to Know

If my customers are happy, then I'm happy! To make sure my customers always have a positive experience, I’ve designed a generous, fair and transparent store policy. Read the following sections to find out more about how I provide the best customer experience for my loyal shoppers. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Policy Information



One of a kind, hand made, uniquely created by the artist.


Copies taken from the original art.  I take a photo of the original artwork, then have it professionally printed by a printing company that makes copies of it.


I offer unique, hand made original artwork and art prints.  If it arrives in damaged condition, or you just don't want it, please contact me right away to make arrangements. Use the contact box below, or look at your sales receipt for the phone number or email address.

*For all orders, notify me immediately when you receive your package and tell me what condition the product arrived in. I want to make sure it arrived safely.

For undamaged returns:

For any undamaged product, Email me first, for instructions, or return it with its included accessories and packaging along with the original receipt (or gift receipt) within 14 days of the date you receive the product, and we will exchange it or offer a refund based upon the original payment method. Please include a note inside why you are returning it.

Contact Nancy immediately if it arrives damaged in shipping.

For damaged original artwork:

If it is damaged in shipping, please contact Nancy within two days of receiving it for instructions and replacement. Take good photos of the packaging and product where damaged and keep everything as evidence, including the packaging. Email all information and photos to Nancy Cupp. Email:  If it is original artwork, I might be able to repair it, depending on the situation. I'll either refund, or repair it, depending on each individual case.


For damaged prints:

Damaged prints will be exchanged.  Take photos of the damage and email to 

Our Shipping Policy

Free shipping is only included for products sent to the United States. Some of my products come directly from my home studio, where I personally package and ship them myself, using the United States Post Office. Most are sent priority mail with 2-5 days expected delivery to the United States only. I do not ship internationally for my home studio products.  However, you can order products from my print on demand shop that ships internationally. If you need international shipping please visit my Redbubble or Pixels stores.

Caring for artwork

Artwork can last a very long time with the right care and environment.  I can NOT guarantee how long your purchased art will last, however.  I have no control on how you care for it.

  • Extreme temperatures, hanging art over a fire place, humidity, bright lights, smoke, pet dander, strong odors, etc. can affect the durability of artwork.  

  • Oil and acrylic paintings should not be framed under glass.

  • Watercolor paintings should be matted and framed under glass for protection.

  • Art prints should be framed with a mat to create an "air space" between the glass and print, so the inks do not stick to the glass. 

  • Once a year, take down wall art and dust the back of it to prevent dust and insects from making their home there.

  • A good rule of thumb is to hang your art at eye level, so you can see it better.

  • Dust wall art with a dry clean micro-cloth to keep it clean.

  • Do not spray directly onto glass to clean it.  Instead, lightly dampen the cloth before applying to the glass of a frame.  You don't want any moisture to seep behind the glass and onto the artwork.

  • If your frame uses a plastic or acrylic "glass", do not use any type of glass cleaner. It will permanently cloud the acrylic surface.

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